Benefits of exercises in Irish dance classes!

Exercises in class have their benefits! We work on upper body strength, balance, core strength, leg strength, and overall total body exercises.

Here is a testimonial of one of our dancers:

“Josie’s PE class at school had a back flexibility test and measured how far the students could arch their backs and elevate their heads up (cobra style with arms at their sides). Most of her peers reached 9-inches and Josie reached 12 – the highest in the class. Ever since you’ve incorporated exercise into your class routines, Josie has been doing the most curl-ups, the most flexible, and more aggressive in running than ever before.”

Love doing this for our dancers and making them strong!

Do you want to perform? Then come out and join our classes!

We love to go out and do performances.  One of our best local performances is participating at 2nd Sunday’s in Williamsburg. Beginning in March we perform each month. Check out our Facebook page for times and location:

We also support our local retirement & independent living communities with yearly performances. St. Patrick’s month is one of our most booked.

Our dancers love to perform for the community!

Come join us and learn this beautiful and dynamic form of dance!

Get fit with Irish Dance in 2018

Irish dance is a great way to get fit and back into shape for 2018!  We incorporate exercises and strength training in each of our classes.  Combine that with the cardio effect of the dance and you have a great way to get fit and healthy!  Come out and join us this year.