A lovely testimonial from our 2017 Showcase on 6/17.

“Hi Kathy – My mom and I attended your 2:30 performance on Saturday and really wanted to thank you and the Academy. My mom has Alzheimers and loves children, music and dance. I try to take her to as many related events as I can but given her continued deterioration it has become more and more difficult to take her out. I was so glad though that we made the effort on Saturday! I had fully anticipated that she would want to leave at intermission but she was enjoying the performance so much that she didn’t even want to get out of her seat at intermission! She has great difficulty communicating now and I was surprised by how many comments she was making to me regarding some of the performers! You and your academy really gave my mom moments of great joy yesterday! While she didn’t remember specifically that we saw the performance by the time I got her back to where she lives, she knew that she had a happy feeling! Thank you! Marcia”


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