Are You Too Old To Irish Dance? Never! by Kathy Nelson TCRG

Are you too old for Irish Dance?

Many adults are interested in beginning Irish dance but they think they are too old or not coordinated enough. I began Irish Dance in my 40’s. I have found this type of dance to be extremely athletic in nature. It truly is a great form of exercise! As time went on I realized that I could be competitive and then went on to become a Champion dancer.

So no matter how old you are, if you are interested in starting Irish dance, my advice is to take heart and start dancing. You would be surprised at what you can do if you give yourself time, have the desire, and make the effort. I tell my older dancers that Irish dance is like putting together a puzzle. It is great memory work and helps to prevent and to reverse mental decline as we get older.

Many of the adult dancers, Isabelle & I have taught, have become performers and competitors. They love the exercise value and how much more flexible they have become. Irish dancing helps build bone density, improves balance, and strengthens the core and legs. In addition to dance instruction, each of our classes includes exercises to help with strengthening muscles, stretching for more flexibility, and we incorporate elements for balance and free movement. We also offer a fitness class during our competitor camps.

Two other benefits of Irish dance are performances and competitions. Folks love to see Irish dance! Once our adults reach a particular level of ability they are invited to join us for local performances. This helps build confidence by giving them the opportunity to dance in front of appreciative audiences. As the adults get more confident and skillful, some of them choose to try competitive Irish dance. We are members of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), an organization that is open and friendly to adult dancers wanting to compete.

So if you decide you want to do something fun while getting in shape, get in touch with us.

For more information on WIDA and adult dancers, check out this 2014 article:

Christy Dorrity:
30 April 2014

World Irish Dance Association sets the bar for competitive adult Irish dancers
Word is spreading about the positive treatment adult Irish dancers find in the World Irish Dance Association. A recap of the 2014 World and European Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany.

How old is too old to dance? Most people agree that dancing can be enjoyable at any age.

“It’s never too late to learn,” says Johnny Cronin, owner of the Johnny Cronin School of Irish Dancing in Ireland, who recently certified to be an Irish dance adjudicator. “I’ve heard so many times from adults that they wish they had the means when they were young to dance and now as adults many now do.”

There are a few adults in Irish dance that started their training as children, but many adults who Irish dance began taking lessons in adulthood—long past what most would consider a viable age for a champion. The World Irish Dance Association (WIDA) is changing the landscape of competition for adult Irish dancers, giving them a chance to compete for a world title.

Last week, at the World Irish Dance Association’s European and World Championships, held in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 90 dancers over the age of 23 competed in six age groups. Annamariea Dardi, an adult Irish dancer from Ireland, is pleased to find that WIDA values adult dancers. “I always compare adult dancers to football or rugby players who are valued at the sport well after the teenage years, and it’s nice that a dancing organization such as WIDA feels the same.” The adult dancers, along with the younger age groups, gathered in Dusseldorf, Germany on April 19-21, 2014. Dancers hailed from thirteen countries and seventy-eight schools.

Other Irish dance organizations offer only limited opportunities for advancement for adults, or require them to compete against teens at the major competitions. The comparatively young organization of WIDA allows adult Irish dancers to compete at high levels, and against athletes of similar age. “WIDA has not only opened doors for people to learn Irish dance outside of Ireland, but the organization has really encouraged older dancers and lets them take their dancing as far as they want to,” Cronin says. One of his adult dancers, Séamus O’Rourke is the current World 2014 title holder in the over35 category.

Word is spreading about the positive treatment adult Irish dancers find in WIDA. Catriona Newcombe, an adult Irish dancer and teacher (Echoes of Erin School of Irish Dancing) from Hong Kong was impressed with the events. “WIDA is an extremely friendly organization,” Newcombe says. “Everyone was there to support each other, and we all wished each other good luck and were genuinely please if someone danced well and placed. No where else have I seen everyone as enthusiastic about the senior dancers and cheered them on equally.”

In recent years, attendance at WIDA’s double major has increased, seeing a 25% rise between 2013 and 2014 alone. And it isn’t just the attendance of adult Irish dancers that is rising; the quality of the dancing is climbing as well. “The standard in WIDA is high and over the years it is going to get better,” says Séamus O’Rourke, current World 2014 title holder in the over35 category. “I always felt that I was able to dance, but with other organizations I would have to compete against dancers in their teens or early 20’s. WIDA changed that. I have been introduced to a new world.”

As more adult dancers around the globe are given a chance to show what they are capable of, they will inspire many who have thought that they, also, were too old to dance. I have had the best experience of my life being part of the organisation WIDA,” O’Rourke admits. “After 27 years away from the dancing world, WIDA has allowed me to go back to what is passionate in my life, that of dancing.” And just because the Europeans and Worlds are over for 2014, doesn’t mean that the dancers are resting. They know that the standard will be even higher next year, and are already back to practice, the world over.

10 thoughts on “Are You Too Old To Irish Dance? Never! by Kathy Nelson TCRG

  1. Susan Flynn says:

    Hi! I live in NJ and have recently retired. I want to take Irish dancing AGAIN! As a child, I loved it, but where I lived forced my parents to put an end to my lessons. I am of Irish descent, so at the age of 63 now, I have the energy and passion to take this on ( which would also help meshed a few pounds in a fun way). What would you recommend?….Susan


  2. Saanvi says:

    Hi! This is so amazing and motivating! I am someone who loves dance and I am 16 no. Can I learn in another year or 2 and BECOME REALLY GOOD??


  3. Marion says:

    I live in Michigan( Commerce Township) and would like to learn step dance.
    Would you recommend a place for adults as well as children for lessons?


  4. Sally Holland says:

    I live in North Western Illinois, close to Iowa, Wisconsin and about 2 hours from Chicago. I use to Irish dance when I was younger and have never stopped missing it and wanting to do it again. I am now 32, do you know of any schools nearby for adults that are potentially competitive as well?
    Thank you!


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