Register for classes now!!

Contact us for a class that fits your ability levels! You can register with us right now. Our new class schedule begins Tuesday September 6th. We would love to have you!!

10 thoughts on “Register for classes now!!

  1. Samantha Pinter says:


    My 7 year old is interested in taking classes. May I get some information on dates, time and price of classes please.

    Thank you,
    Samantha Pinter


  2. Samantha Pinter says:

    OK great thank you for getting back to me! Just to confirm it’s $45 a month and practices are every Wednesday? If that’s the case then we are interested and I’d like to bring her to the next practice. That would be tomorrow 7 September?

    Samantha Pinter


    • rasaid says:

      You have to pay the initial $40 registration fee and then it is $45 per month. The class is tomorrow at 4:45-5:30pm Sept. 7th. You can bring in a filled out registration form with your payment-cash, check, or Zelle.


  3. Amanda R says:

    How many weeks do classes run for each session? My son is 8 and I am interested but we are committed to soccer on Wednesdays until the end of Oct. would you have a new session starting or could he join starting in Nov.?


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