Yorktown New Beginner class Sat. 12:45pm.

We may be starting a New beginner softshoe class on Saturday’s at the Yorktown location from 12:45pm-1:45pm beginning in September.  This class is for ages 4 and up.  We will need at least 6-8 dancers registered to be able to do this class.  Please contact us if interested.

We are following the health & social distancing requirements for dancing (exercise).  Parents and visitors must wear masks in the lobby.

4 thoughts on “Yorktown New Beginner class Sat. 12:45pm.

  1. Carol Wieseman says:

    Well I just advertised on nextdoor down here someone looking for ballet lessons for 2 five year olds maybe you can actually get a class in Yorktown for new beginners started. Should I take it? I almost feel like I’d be starting all.over again lol. Just too busy for myself now


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